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GPA-Jakob Billet Loaders Loadmaxx

.... to Separate and Position up to 1.250 °C Hot Billets

The GPA-Jakob Loadmaxx has been specially designed for the transport of parts between furnace and transfer in solid-stock forming.

Depending on the application, a chain conveyor, a stainless-steel channel or a robot forward the billets coming out of the furnace to the tubulars or the clamps of the Loadmaxx.

A slide, which is actuated pneumatically or by servo-motor, transports the billet into the pick-up position of the transfer bars. 

The parts temperature is monitored at the outlet of the furnace (sensor supplied by customer).
In case of machine standstill, billets which are too cold can be discharged. 

The Loadmaxx has been designed for roughest ambient conditions and ensures high availability. The simple construction reduces maintenance to a minimum and enables a quick changeover to other parts.

Billet Loader with Chain Conveyor
Billet Loader with Chain Conveyor
Bilet Loader
Bilet Loader