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GPA-Jakob Automation Feeder AF

... for the Loading and Unloading of your Presses and Press Lines

Feeder perform tasks like loading and unloading individual presses or the automation of press lines.
GPA-Jakob feeders consist of servo-driven horizontal and vertical axes. When designing this system, special attention was paid to a low inertia.
Rugged guidings and a solid and rigid rack-and-pinion system make GPA-Jakob feeders suitable for use in press shops.

Automation Feeder with Blank on Roller Conveyor
Automationsfeeder mit Platine auf Rollenbahn
Automation Feeder on Portal
Automationsfeeder an Portal

Toolings can be equipped with vacuum cups, clamps, or magnets, depending on the individual requirements.
A quick disconnect coupling links the feeder and the part specific tooling, which makes changeover very easy. By request, additional axes such as override
systems, rotation axes, or tip axes can be implemented.
A fully programmable control coordinates all axes, internal routines, tooling memory, and all input and output signals necessary for safe and reliable operation.