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Mechanical Transfer Type AG / AHG

… the Solid Press Transfer for High-Volume Long-Run Parts

In mechanical transfer units, all motions are generated by mechanical cams. Stable steel cams ensure shock-free and smooth movements of the gripper bars. Feed as well as grip axis are infinitely adjustable within a certain range.
In general, 2 drive types are possible. Ideally, the power is mechanically transmitted from the press, so as to obtain a synchronized drive. In case this is not possible, the transfer can also be driven by an electric motor.
Processing of internal signals and communication with the press are handled by a PLC.
GPA-Jakob delivers cam-controlled 2-axis transfers for cutting and punching operations (type AG), or as 3-axis transfers for deep-draw or solid-stock forming (type AHG).

Mechanical transfer mounted to press
Mechanischer Transfer an Presse
Mechanical transfer AG 10 P
Mechanischer Transfer