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Stackers for Profiles

Automatic and Quick Stacking of Profiles

The new GPA-Jakob stacking system automatically stacks profiles of all types and bundles and straps them for further transport or storage.

This type of stacker is interesting for all customers, who are stacking manually at the end of a roll forming line. Sometimes, the operators have to handle very long and heavy profiles.
This means that the condition of the operators is a key factor for the overall output of the installation. Up to 3 tons can be moved in one single bundle.
Waning attention leads to inaccurately stacked bundles, damages to the profiles and not least to an increased risk of injury to the operators.

Stacking system for profiles
stacking system for profiles


The profiles produced in a roll forming line are cut in a continuous production process by a flying shear. Subsequently, a conveyor transports the profile into the stacking system.
An upstream measuring system checks the profiles for dimensional accuracy. In case of deviations, the profiles are automatically discharged without production interruption.
A feedback to the roll forming line reduces the reject rate of the complete line considerably.
Profiles with a weld-seam, due to coils that have been welded together, are also ejected automatically.
A portal system with 4 synchronized feeders constitutes the core of the installation.
Depending on the length of the profiles several feeders work together.
Feeders, which are not needed, move automatically
to a parking position.

Clamps or magnetic toolings hold the profiles firmly while they are being transported
and form customer-specific packing patterns layer by layer.
It is possible to stack and bundle profiles or tubes of different materials.
Profiles may also be nested in one another in pairs.