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Electronic Transfer for Sheet-Metal-Forming

… the Flexible Parts Transport for Your Press

CNC-transfers are used to transport parts stepwise in multi-station presses or to interlink several presses to form a press line. GPA-Jakob CNC-transfers are suitable for presses of all makes, no matter if hydraulic, mechanical, or servo presses.
Both new as well as existing presses can be automated.
GPA-Jakob CNC-transfers are tailored to the customer's individual needs.

  • The compact design of the transfer allows for mounting not only outside but also inside the press upright.
  • Maximum opening travels of the gripper bars in the upright area enable the full use of the press table for die placement.
  • Monitored couplings for the gripper bars make shortest set-up times possible.
Electronic transfer Type T3-70 CNC
Electronic transfer system, sheet-metal, overhead mounting
Electronic transfer Type T3-70 CNC
Electronic transfer system for sheet-metal-forming T3-30 CNC