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Press Transfers

GPA-Jakob Transfers transport parts and billets in multi-stage presses or interlink press lines. GPA-Jakob delivers well-proven mechanical press transfers as well as fully programmable electronic press transfers.

Automation Feeders

GPA-Jakob Feeders are all-purpose systems for transporting blanks and parts.
As linear robots they are the ideal unit for the flexible parts transport in presses.

Destackers and Stackers

GPA-Jakob Stackers and Destackers are used to load or unload presses.
Depending on the individual requirements they consist of different components of our modular system and are suited to process magnetic or non-magnetic materials.

Die Removal Arms

GPA-Jakob Die Remoal Arms facilitate the handling of dies inside the press. They can be used for dismounting dies or inserts and make the die chane safer and more effective.