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Ott-Jakob Spanntechnik GmbH

We will hold what you promise

For 125 years, OTT has been standing for advanced technology. Finding solutions for our joint tasks and projects, in close dialog with you, are one of our daily challenges. We are the first to contact when it comes to tool clamping on the machine. Then as now, the name of OTT-JAKOB is synonymous with superior quality standards.

Product flexibility and adaptability are the basis for satisfied customers worldwide.

Power Check
Gerät zum Messen der Einzugskraft
Tool Clamping System
Werkzeugspannsystem für Steilkegel udn Hohlschaftkegel (Spannsatz, Einbauspannkopf, Drehdurchführung und Löseeinheit)
HSK Clamping Units
HSK-Spannsätze zum Spannen von Werkzeugen
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OTT-Jakob Spanntechnik GmbH
Industriestrasse 3-7
D- 87663 Lengenwang
Phone: ++49 83 64 / 98 21 - 0
Fax ++49 83 64 / 98 21 - 10


  • Automatic tool clamping systems
  • HSK clamping units
  • Grippers SK20 - SK60
  • Rotary unions
  • Unclamping units for milling spindles
  • Clamping cartridges (for clamping tools)
  • Pallet clamping units
  • Pull-force measurement system (PowerCheck)