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Optima Spanntechnik

Custom-made Clamping Technology

For many years, Optima has been specializing in the development and production of clamping systems for forming presses and special machinery in the metal processing industry.

With a view to optimize set-up times, Optima Quick Clamping Systems afford speedy and "hitch-free" die clamping with minimum installation cost.
Thus, cost-effectiveness and productivity are increased.

In order to find the best die-change solution for your requirements, we start with planning your systems in close cooperation with you: starting from intensive consultation in the planning phase, through product design, to retrofitting of existing installations.

Mechanical Clamping Element
mechanical clamping element
Hydraulic Clamping Element
hydraulic clamping element
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Optima Spanntechnik GmbH
D-57584 Scheuerfeld
Phone: ++49 27 41 / 97 89 - 0

Fax ++49 27 41 / 97 89 - 10



  • Hydraulic clamping elements
  • Hydro-mechanical clamping elements
  • Electro-mechanical clamping elements
  • Slide-lock systems