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Our Mission



The high quality of our products and services shows our feeling obliged to our customers' wants and needs.
Therefore, it remains our responsibility to continuously review and optimize our working methods and processes.
We succeed in this by keeping our projects transparent, offering continued education and support to our employees, a suggestion scheme, target agreement interviews, performance evaluations.  In our company, exchange of information and team awareness are a matter of course.

Fairness and Tolerance


In our people-oriented company credibility, trust, and self-responsibility form the basis of good cooperation and teamwork and thus are the foundation of customer-oriented action.
Our corporate culture is marked by fairness, tolerance and equal opportunities, openness, honesty, mutual respect, the ability to think critically as well as a positive approach.

Environmental consciousness and safety at work

Hand mit Spross

For us, responsible acting is a self-evident corporate obligation. Moreover, it is an important precondition to maintain our economic efficiency and to remain competitive. Therefore, we promote the environmental awareness of our employees and their responsible use of resources.
Also, we ensure that our workplaces are safe and that there is a pleasant working atmosphere.

Employee loyalty and promotion of junior staff

Person auf Karriereleiter

Sustainable stability is achieved through the solidarity of the employees with their company and their identification with the company's objectives and values. Longtime experienced employees, less absenteeism,  low accident rate, and low fluctuation show that our employees feel at home with us at GPA.
Experience and know-how is shared with junior staff, to permanently maintain the quality and sustainability, and to preserve our corporate culture.