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Company History

1971 GPA - Gesellschaft für Pressenautomation mbH is founded in Karlsruhe.
The company specializes in 2-axis mechanical transfer systems.

1972 One year after its foundation GPA builds the first 3-axis transfer.
Step by step other peripheral equipment such as blank loaders, turnover stations and gripper feeds are built.

Single-bar transfer systems are added to the production program.
GPA delivers the first complete press automation projects – from blank feeding to lubrication, cutting, transfer and stacking – everything from a single source.

GPA moves into its new company building and expands its capacities.
The demand for GPA automation systems is growing steadily in Germany and abroad.

1982 At the beginning of the 80’s GPA breaks new ground:
The first automation systems for hot-forging presses are built.
Moreover, our engineers develop feeder systems with toothed-belt drive.

In 1983 GPA builds the first NC-controlled transfer systems.

GPA continues to grow and doubles its design capacities.
The technical highlights of this year are a feeder automation of complete production lines for bath tubs and several large automation systems for the US market.

GPA expands its product range and starts building die-change carts.

With around 70 automation systems delivered to customers, the production has reached its peak so far.

GPA builds the first Die Removal Arms (WAS).

After the reunification of Germany, the first transfer systems are delivered to the new federal states.

The year 1992 is marked by an enhanced flexibility of automation systems. A new kinematics for grip and lift units of cam-driven transfer systems and the development of the first CNC press transfers are another milestone in the history of GPA.
The rack-and-pinion mechanism of the mechanical transfers is replaced by a lever system, and the first free-programmable CNC press transfer brings full flexibility in the adjustment of travels and angles.

In March 1995 GPA is taken over by the Jakob Group and operates under the name of GPA-Jakob GmbH & Co. Pressenautomation KG.

A new control concept for electronic press transfers makes possible an angle-synchronous run with the press.

GPA-Jakob develops a mechanical transfer for solid-stock forming and becomes one of the most renowned manufacturers of forging automation.
Another innovation is the mechanical design and construction of a feeder portal for the 100% ultrasonic inspection of heavy plates.

With the construction of six large electronic press transfers for the automation of forging presses GPA-Jakob heads for the market leadership in forging automation.

GPA Jakob develops a new control for electronic transfers, which makes possible a synchronous operation with the ram of hydraulic presses.

2003 GPA-Jakob succeeds in the field of stacking magnetic steel sheets by developing a CNC-controlled system for stacking rotor-stator sheets.

GPA-Jakob offers complete solutions for the automation of press lines incl. blank destacker, freely programmable electronic transfer systems, parts stacking and master control.

2006 A record-breaking year: GPA-Jakob delivers the largest CNC transfer system for sheet-metal-forming in its history to a renowned car manufacturer and receives an order on the automation of four press lines from a Japanese customer.

GPA-Jakob introduces the “camera-controlled orientation and stacking of blanks” for stackers and builds the first electronic transfer system for servo-presses.

Development of a high-performance Siemens-Simotion-Control for GPA automation systems. Development of a crossbar-feeder and filing of a patent application.

GPA celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

mechanical 2-axis-Transfer, mounted to press
press interlinking by mechanical transfer system
GPA's first automation feeder
GPA's first NC controlled electronic transfer system
die change cart
GPA's first CNC transfer, angle-synchronous operation with the press
electronic press transfer for forging
CNC-controlled stacker for rotor-stator sheets
the largest CNC-Transfer in GPA's history
stacker with centering system via camera